Our New Building

We are very excited about our newly constructed modern facility, which opened in November of 2020. The centrally located 27,000 square foot building hosts all of OCC’s programs under one roof, providing children with bright inspiring spaces to learn, grow and explore. The Rebecca and Arthur Samberg Building enables OCC to expand our programming, offering five infant and toddler classrooms, the largest infant program in the greater Ossining area. Read on to learn more.

Purpose-Designed Classrooms

Every classroom is designed with our children in mind. From pint-size furniture to windows-with-a-view to in-room bathrooms and changing facilities, we have created a nurturing space where children can feel comfortable and secure. Large airy spaces give teachers the flexibility to create a wide range of engaging activities. Each classroom is outfitted with developmentally appropriate materials including areas for dramatic play and block building, as well as reading and listening centers. In addition, every classroom opens up to an age-appropriate playground enabling teachers to take full advantage of a beautiful day.

Outdoor Play

The new OCC boasts an outdoor play area for infants, two outdoor playgrounds designed to meet the meet children’s developmental needs, and a sports field. The closed-in infant playground features a cushioned floor ideal for crawling and age-appropriate toys, including softballs of all sizes, ramps and push toys.

Once children graduate from our infant program they move on to our toddler playground, complete with pint-sized tables and chairs, small climb-on equipment and slides, and various ride-on equipment. Our teacher-caregivers engage with our toddlers at a developmentally appropriate level to build gross motor skills and physical confidence.

The outdoor space for our older children offers unending fun with swings, climb-on equipment, slides, tricycles and more. Our sports field, overlooking the scenic Hudson River, provides ample space for an organized game of soccer or an epic game of freeze tag. Children engage with each other and with their teachers as they explore, build strength and confidence, and learn about teamwork through structured and unstructured play.

Indoor Gym and Multipurpose Room

OCC strongly believes that physical activity is an essential part of our children’s day, even if the weather chooses not to cooperate. The new OCC features an indoor gymnasium perfect for running, jumping and expending pent up energy. The space will also serve as a gathering place for children to engage across age groups and participate in OCC wide programming from musical concerts to meet and greets with local children’s authors.


Our dedicated kitchen staff produces two hot meals and two snacks every day for every child in our state-of-the-art kitchen. Through our ongoing partnerships with other community organizations, our meals are built around quality local meats and produce, with fruit served at every meal. With our kitchen on the premises, good smells and good nutrition are at the physical heart of our facility, making our children feel nurtured and cared for. Plus, parents can be confident that their children are developing good eating habits for the long term.


Our student-tended garden offers hours of hands-on learning. Our master gardener-educator engages our children in a full sensory experience while instilling responsibility and fostering self-confidence. Children develop a respect and appreciation for the earth and the life cycle. A typical harvest might include cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes, squash and watermelon that our children have grown from seed. It is a true delight each season to watch the children taste the fruits of their labor.

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