So Much More Than The Red Front Door

Since we opened our red door over 120 years ago, our facilities have continued to grow and upgrade to meet the needs of our expanding student population. The Ossining Children’s Center now occupies two home-like buildings steps from downtown Ossining, and we rent additional space for our School-Age Enrichment Programs. During the school year, it is housed in the fellowship hall of the Ossining United Methodist Church. During the summer, the school-age day camp’s home is in the parish hall of the Briarcliff Congregational Church, right across the street from Law Park and the Briarcliff Pool where many camp activities take place. We would love to take you for a tour of our facilities. Please contact us.

Purpose-Designed Classrooms

Every classroom at our Center was designed with our students in mind, from pint-size furniture to windows-with-a-view to in-room bathrooms and changing facilities, we create a nurturing space where children can feel comfortable and secure. Each classroom is outfitted with developmentally appropriate materials including areas for dramatic play and block building as well as reading and listening centers.


Our dedicated kitchen staff produce two hot meals and two snacks every day for every child at our Center. Through our ongoing partnerships with other community organizations, some of our meals are built around quality local meats and produce, with fruit served at every meal. With our kitchen located in the middle of our main building, good smells and good nutrition are at the physical heart of our facility, making our children feel nurtured and cared-for. Plus, parents can be confident that their children are eating in a way that supports not just sustained energy but the development of good eating habits for the long term.

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Outdoor Play

Our Center boasts two outdoor play areas, each designed to meet the developmental needs of our children. The enclosed Infant and Toddler area features pint-sized tables and chairs, soft balls of all sizes, small climb-on equipment and slides, and various ride-on equipment. Our teacher-caregivers engage with our youngest students at a developmentally appropriate level to build gross motor skills and physical confidence. The outdoor space for our preschoolers and prekindergarteners offers unending fun with swings, climb-on equipment, slides, tricycles and more. Children engage with each other and with their teachers as they explore, build strength and confidence, and learn about teamwork through structured and unstructured play.

Our School-age Program site at the Ossining United Methodist Church has a playground designed for elementary school youngsters. During the summer, our School-age Day Camp’s home is in the parish hall of the Briarcliff Congregational Church. This location affords our youngsters the opportunity to use Law Park and the Briarcliff Pool.


Our student-tended garden sits down a winding, canopied path behind the preschool playground. A typical harvest might include cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes, squash and watermelon that our students have grown from seed. It is a true delight each season to watch the children taste the real fruits of their labor.